Configuring AWS Credentials

This article will guide you through Configuring AWS Credentials.

If you prefer the Video version, check out our YouTube video below:

To create your AWS account and set up your IAM credentials we should first navigate here:


Next we click on Create a new AWS account:


Afterwards we will input our credentials and create our account:


Once we are registered, we will login and head to the AWS Management Console and Select IAM under Security, Identity & Compliance:


Once we click on IAM let's select Users under Access Management:


Then we'll click on Add user to create the account with the IAM credentials:


We'll see a 5 step process, and the first is to create a User name for the credentials, and we will select the Programmatic access checkbox:


Next we'll Select Attach existing Policies from the three Options at the top of the screen and will check the AdministratorAccess checkbox. We'll then click Next:Tags:


We can just skip this step, and click Next:Review:


After all the steps are complete, we will see a Review page, make sure your page looks something similar to this, and then click Create user:


Lastly, you will receive a Success message where you will see your Access key ID and secret access key. You need to copy these strings and keep them safe somewhere for your use when creating projects with Webiny.


Now that we have the Access key ID and secret access key we can put them in ~/.aws/credentials on Linux/macOS or at C:\Users\USERNAME\.aws\credentialson Windows.It should look something like this:


And that's it! You now have your AWS credentials, happy coding!

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