One of the main sections of the Admin app is the main menu, which is located on the left side of the screen. By default, it contains a few menu items, for example Security and Settings.

Menu example

You can easily add your own menu sections and items by registering a new menu plugin:

type: "menu",
name: "menu-shop",
render({ Menu, Section, Item }) {
return (
<Menu name="shop" label={"Shop"}>
<Section label={"Products"}>
<Item label={"Products"} path="/shop/products" />
<Item label={"Manage stock"} path="/shop/stock" />
<Section label={"Customers"}>
<Item label={"Customers"} path="/shop/customers" />
<Item label={"Discounts"} path="/shop/discounts" />

If you are not already familiar with how plugins work, we recommend you take a look at the Plugins Crash Course.

The key property of the plugin is the render property, which represents a function that returns one or more React components which will render the menu.

The provided Menu, Section, and Item components will probably cover most of your needs, but note that you can still use custom ones if needed.

You can use the path prop on the Item component in order to create links. Note that in order for them to actually work, you will also need to create routes.

After registering the above plugin, the following section should be added in the main menu:

Menu Registration

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