Content Modeling

Did you set up your Webiny account? If yes, make sure you have Headless CMS enabled, if not then follow the quick start.

To get hands-on the Headless CMS features, you can start by creating a content model.

Webiny features a menu component that is extended via the content models from the Headless CMS. This allows you to build great backend experience for your team, making it easy and intuitive for them to find exactly the content they are looking for.

Content model menus

You can navigate to Headless CMS > Content Models Menu > Models || Groups

What is the content model?

A content model is a formal representation of how your content will be structured. Define the content fields and the relationships between other content models.

Creating content models

Creating content Modeling Editor

Webiny offers you powerful modeling features that allow you to model the content. You can define relationships using a simple drag&drop editor as seen in the image below:

Content Modeling Editor

Content Model Fields enable you to define the fundamental characteristics of information.

Start from the project requirements and arrange the content flow as you need based on the design and function.

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