Environments are a powerful feature in Webiny Headless CMS. Creating a new environment copies all the data and the models from the current environment.

This allows you to make changes and prepare new content in the background. When serving production content without interruption.

Environments allow you to create different content pools. They are particularly useful when separating production, staging, and development environment. They never share data after creation, so make sure you always stick to the same environment.

In the Headless CMS menu, you can create a new environment by clicking on the Manage Environments button seen in the image below:

Change Environments

When you create a new environment you will choose the base environment. In this case is production or another environment you created earlier.

If you have production and stage and want to create a dev environment, you can select stage as your source.

Add New Environments

The environments include all the Headless CMS features. They are content models, localization, roles&permissions, and content model menus.

These features can change per environment, including production, the data in other envs stays the same that means it is not affected.

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