CLI Overview

Webiny CLI is a small command-line tool containing a set of commands to make your interaction with Webiny more enjoyable. It is built with yargs and our own system of plugins. The very same system that powers the rest of Webiny (API, React - everything).

available commands

To see all the available CLI commands at any time, run yarn webiny help.

Out of the box, the CLI itself only has a run command which runs commands defined in webiny.config.js files.

Commands can be added to the CLI by adding plugins to the webiny.root.js file in your project root. When you setup your Webiny project, you'll notice that we configure your CLI with plugins by adding them to your webiny.root.js. This way you can configure the behavior of plugins, add your own, or remove unused plugins from your project.

By having this flexible setup and a system of plugins, you can create your own utilities to use in your Webiny project and maybe even publish those plugins to npm for the community to use.

In the next article, we'll learn how to create a very simple CLI plugin.

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