Form Field Groups

To keep all of your form fields organized, you can create form field groups, and then place your fields into them. This can be easily achieved via the form-editor-field-group plugin.

If you are not already familiar with how plugins work, we recommend you take a look at the Plugins Crash Course.

Let's examine the following example:

import { FbEditorFieldGroup } from "@webiny/app-form-builder/types";
const secretTextFormField: FbBuilderFieldPlugin = x{
name: "form-editor-field-group-contact",
type: "form-editor-field-group",
group: {
title: "Contact information"

With the above plugin properly registered, we should see our new group in the form editor, in the fields menu:

The "Contact Information" fields group comes by default with the Form Builder app and contains a bunch of frequently used contact-information-related fields.

Moving form fields to groups

If you have your own custom form field and want to move it into a custom fields group, you can easily do that by just assigning the form fields plugin name to the group property. For example, if we wanted to put our custom form field into the form fields group we've shown in the example above, we would do it like so:

type: "form-editor-field-type",
name: "form-editor-field-type-secret-text",
field: {
name: "text-secret",
type: "text",
label: "Secrets",
group: "form-editor-field-group-contact", // We use the plugin "name".

For more information on form fields, please check the Form Fields article.

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