Stats and Submissions

Once you've published your form and embedded it into your website, over time you will definitely want to check how it's performing. With the Form Builder app, you automatically get access to basic stats for all of your forms. You can also check out all of the received form submissions, with the complete data that was submitted.

NOTE: form stats are tracked and submissions are saved only when the form is accessed from the actual website. Viewing / submitting the form from, for example, the Page Builder, or from the preview tab in the form builder, won't actually have any affect on the form.


Out of the box, you have access to the total number of form views, total number of form submissions, and the conversion rate which is based on the first two stats.

You can check the stats of your form simply by selecting it from the forms list. Stats information can be seen in the "Submissions" tab (which is shown by default).

Form stats overview

NOTE: "Views" show the total number of "unique" views. Meaning, if a single user views your form multiple times (for example by refreshing the page), the increment in total number of views will happen only once.

Form submissions

In the same tab, you can also see the list that contains all of the form submissions. Clicking on a single form submission will show you a dialog with all of the submitted form data:

Form submission data

When checking form submissions, instead of going over each submission one by one, you can also export them into a CSV file, by clicking on the export icon. You can either select specific one or more form submissions, or select all of them by clicking on the top left checkbox:

Export form submissions into a CSV file

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