Page Builder Theme - Style Inheritance

Because every Webiny app has its own theme, therefore its own stylesheets, you might ask yourself how can you inherit some of the style information from other apps, like colors, font names and others.

The best approach is to use CSS variables. The default Page Builder theme registers several CSS variables into the body scope which you can use inside the stylesheets of your own application or a plugin, instead of "hardcoding" their values.

Say you are building a new plugin that will render inside a Page Builder layout. You want that plugin to have the same primary color and font-name as whatever it's defined inside the Page Builder theme. You can view the currently defined Page Builder CSS variables inside variable.scss file.

In your application you would just use those variables via the var keyword. It's also advisable to use a fallback value, to be on the safe side.

// my-plugin-styles.scss
font-family: var(--webiny-theme-typography-primary-font-family, "IBM Plex Sans", sans-serif);
color: var(--webiny-theme-color-primary, #e8663b);

A good example of this approach can be found inside the app-plugin-security-cognito-theme package, which is the theme for the app-plugin-security-cognito plugin. Have a look at its stylesheet.

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